Class of 2024 Sophomore Rockin’!

Attention all sophomores – we did not forget about you! We know you did not get a Rockin’ experience as freshmen, so this year you also get to experience a half day.

Sophomore Rockin’ is on Monday, October 4th. Here are some important things you need to know:

  • Sophomores will report to your house classroom for advising that day. Your adviser will tell you where that specific classroom is. You will learn the rules for the day and get divided into teams. You will then stay in your house classroom and have time to work on assignments like a normal advising.

  • Following advising, sophomores will attend first and second block classes as normal. At the end of second block, they will be called to a special lunch and the beginning of their Rockin’ activities!

  • You should wear your house t-shirt and shorts, jeans or khaki pants, along with athletic shoes. No sandals please! Make sure you have your mask as well. Be prepared to get dirty and maybe even a little wet.

  • Lunch is provided so you do not need money that day.

  • Leave all of your loose items at home, or lock them in your locker when you arrive at school. This means everything – keys, wallets, and even cell phones. We do not want anything to get lost or broken in all the activity.

  • Rockin’ will end at 3 p.m.

Thanks and may the best house win!

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