Class of 2025 Freshman Rockin’!

With the beginning of the school year every year, comes one of the most anticipated events:  Rockin’.  This is a field day designed just for our freshmen to get to know each other and to have some fun in your house. 

Freshmen Rockin’ is on Wednesday, September 29th.  Here are some important things you need to know:

  • Report to your house classroom at 9:00 that day.  See your adviser to learn where to report.

  • You should wear your house t-shirt and shorts, jeans or khaki pants, along with athletic shoes.  No sandals please!  Make sure you have your mask as well.  Be prepared to get dirty and maybe even a little wet.

  • Lunch is provided so you do not need money that day.

  • Leave all of your loose items at home, or lock them in your locker when you arrive at school.  This means everything – keys, wallets, and even cell phones.  We do not want anything to get lost or broken in all the activity.

  • Rockin’ will end at 3:00 PM.

We can’t wait to watch our freshmen Rock The House on Wednesday, September 29!

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