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Seniors can begin returning their books on Tuesday May 14. They should not return books until they have completed all exams. Bring all your books to the area by the athletic ticket office and fill out the form following the directions that are on the table.

Attention all students. The great locker clean out of 2019 has begun! If you haven’t noticed already, there are extra trash cans in the locker areas for you to use as you clean out your lockers. Please take care of this in the days to come so the only thing left in your locker on the last day of exams are the items you need for exams that day and the books you are selling back to Trinity. Also, please take care of this because anything you leave in your locker over the summer won’t be there when you return in August.

Senior Exam Schedule for Class of 2019

3 Green Monday, May13 10:40-12:00


4 Green Monday, May 13 12:35 – 1:50
3 White Tuesday, May 14 10:40 – 12:00


4 White Tuesday, May 14 12:35 – 1:50
1 Green Wednesday, May 15 9:00 – 10:15
2 Green Wednesday, May 15 10:20 – 11:35
1 White Thursday, May 16 8:00 – 9:15
2 White Thursday, May 16 9:20 – 10:35
Graduation Practice Thursday, May 16


10:45 – 12:15

Mandatory for all seniors!

  • Seniors are expected to be in dress code for exams and graduation practice, even if they have no exam that day (the tie can be removed during practice).


  • Please note that seniors sitting for two consecutive exams may NOT leave campus for any reason between exams. Seniors sitting for a 3rd and a 4th period exam should eat lunch in the cafeteria and may not leave campus.


  • Seniors who purchased books through Trinity High School may sell them back May 14 – May 17. Books must be returned in complete sets.


  • Seniors with a 90 percent or better for each quarter in the second semester course will be exempt from the exam. For exempt students, second semester exam grades will become the average of the 3rd and 4th quarter grades.


  • SENIORS MUST REMAIN IN THE TESTING ROOM FOR THE ENTIRE 75 MINUTE PERIOD and must leave campus after completing their exams.


  • Seniors will pick up their graduation tuxes at Sam Meyers at the Mall St. Matthews after 3 p.m. on Thursday, May 16, or after 10 a.m. on Friday, May 17.


  • See bullet one above. Graduation practice is Thursday at 10:45 and is mandatory for ALL seniors.

Attention Rising Seniors (Current Juniors) : The Senior Flag Corps is a special group of seniors who represent the school by participating in the pre-game Flag Ceremony held at home Trinity Football games. The Flag Corps is dedicated to maintaining the dignity of these ceremonies, and they are widely appreciated by both home and visiting fans. Their work has been copied and used elsewhere in many high school stadiums. As a member of the Senior Flag Corps, you will meet about a half an hour before home football games, lower the American flag, fold it, and take it to the home side of the stands.  Then you return to the visitor’s side.  Some honorees are announced, and members of the Trinity chorus start singing God Bless America.  At this point you walk to the middle of the field and receive the flag from the honorees, and carry it to the flagpole, where you attach it and turn the crank to raise the flag while everyone sings the Star Spangled Banner.  That’s it – then you can return to the student section and cheer for our football ROCKS! If this sounds like something you would like to participate in (and add to your resume) see Mrs. Mason in the Technology Center on the bottom floor of Trinity Hall.  You can come during advising or after school.

Seniors—your senior class mass—Baccalaureate—will be here on campus the night before graduation. That’s Saturday, May 18, at 5 p.m., in Steinhauser Gym. This will be your last time on campus together as a class, and it is the culmination of your 4 years here together, so plan on being there. Details will be announced during your graduation practice next week.

Juniors – be sure you turn in your senior retreat preference form to your Theology teacher or Mrs. Emrich in T212 this week. You will not be scheduled on a senior retreat next year if you don’t.

2019 Final Exam Schedule for Underclassmen

Period Date Time
White 3rd period Monday, May 20 9-10:15
White 4th  period Monday, May 20 10:25-11:40
Green 3rd period Tuesday, May 21 9-10:15
Green 4th period Tuesday, May 21 10:25-11:40
Study Day Wednesday May 22 9 – Noon
White 1st period Thursday, May 23 9-10:15
White 2nd period Thursday, May 23 10:25-11:40
Green 1st period Friday, May 24 9-10:15
Green 2nd period Friday, May 24 10:25-11:40
Book Return Friday, May 24 11:45-12:30


  • Students sitting for an exam MUST remain in their classroom for the entire 75 minute exam period.


  • The only exam exemptions are for Enrichment classes and for AP Students who have maintained a 90% or better for the third and fourth quarters this year and took the AP exam in that subject.


  • Students not having a first exam for the day may report to the cafeteria. Students MAY NOT be in the halls during exams. Library Media Center will be open on exam days from 8:30 – noon.


  • Teachers will be available 9:00 – Noon on Wednesday to assist students, proctor make-up exams and other absent work. The Library Media and Technology Center will both be available for students 9:00 – noon. Wednesday only is a casual dress day.


  • When a student is dismissed from his last exam for the day, he must either report to Alumni Hall or leave campus. Students may not remain in the hallways. Cafeteria will be open until 1:30 pm on exam days and snacks will be available for purchase.


  • Students will report to classrooms designated by English classes for Book Return.


  • Breakfast only will be available in the cafeteria Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


  • All students, even those without an exam, must report to their assigned room for Book Returns.


 Come to the Book Fair in the library this week, Monday – Thursday until 4 p.m. and Friday until 2 p.m. to purchase your summer reading books!

Crescent Hill is looking for students to work trash duty at the 4th of July Festival. Contact Melissa at 502-262-5284, Crescent Hill festival volunteer chair. Pays $11.50 per hour.

The Student Affairs office will start selling parking permits for the 2019-20 school year at the low, low cost of $25.

Students should report to the library at the time designated below:

                               7:15 am                                  12:15 pm

Today                              Biology                                                     Physics C

Tomorrow                         Calculus                                                    Human Geography

Wednesday May 15             English Language                                      Macroeconomics

Thursday May 16                World History                                          Statistics

Friday May 17                    Microeconomics

Attention students: if you park at Trinity and do not have a Trinity parking pass, you will receive jugs beginning this week. The same consequence will occur for those who chose to not park in designated parking spots. To sum up, if you are parking at Trinity, park in a designated spot and with a parking pass. See the friendly folks at Student Affairs if you have questions.

The owners of the parking lot behind Waylon’s and Drake’s will begin charging for parking as of May 1, 2019. The cost will be $30 a month. Those parking there without a permit will be towed. To apply for a permit and pay the monthly cost please call 502-719-9711 and speak to Mandy before May 1.

Seniors remember that you will lose access to your Office 365 account once you graduate. If you have files in your OneDrive that you need to keep, please back them up somewhere else. If you have signed up for anything using your Trinity email account and plan on using it after graduation, be sure to update your contact information with a non-Trinity email address. All access to Office 365, including your OneDrive and email, will be disabled immediately following senior exams.


If you are interested in being a part of Trinity’s Robotics Club join us at our next Robotics Club meeting.  We meet every Monday after school in the Technology Center on the bottom of Old Trinity Hall.  New members are always welcome.  In addition to building and competing with the VEX robotics equipment, we also work with LEGO EV3s and participate in a competition for those.  If you don’t want to compete, and just want to come find out what robotics is all about, and play with the LEGO – that’s okay too.


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