Dr. Zoeller’s November 20 Friday Send-Off

Nov. 20, 2020

Trinity Principal Dr. Dan Zoeller addresses the Trinity High School community.

A Message About Our Upcoming Calendar

Dr. Rob Mullen

Beginning November 23, Trinity, and all other schools, must move to online learning per the Governor’s recent Executive Order. His order stems from the rise in COVID-19 cases. Our new schedule will be in effect until January 8. We hope to return to our “Hybrid Wednesday” schedule on January 11. Our calendar and bell schedule can be found below.

A special note about Wednesdays: they will remain as work days as allowed by the Governor. While classes will not be conducted, teachers can be reached online from 9 a.m. until noon. Some teachers may conduct small group meetings at school. Counselors will be available to assist students needing extra help.

This is not a complete lock-down as was done last spring. Our offices will remain open, purchases can be made online from the Campus Store, and some after-school activities will continue according to guidelines from the Kentucky Department of Education, Kentucky High School Athletic Association, etc. 

The local health department and the state health department still require parents to notify the school of positive COVID-19 cases. Please contact Jacqueline Harrell at 736-2199 or harrell@trinityrocks.com if your son contracts the virus, even if during the Christmas holidays.

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