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Kentucky is decades behind when it comes to school choice. Over the last 25 years, over 30 states across the United States have passed legislation that empowers families to choose a non-public school option. The only benefit to being late to the game is that we have learned from the experience of other states and can adopt policies that have best served students.  

EdChoice KY supported legislation during the 2017 session of the Kentucky General Assembly that followed the lead of the very best school choice policies. While the General Assembly did not take action on this legislation, we are hopeful that the Kentucky General Assembly will consider Scholarship Tax Credits as part of any tax reform package they consider this fall, should Governor Bevin call a special session. The likelihood of that is looking pretty good, as 
Governor Bevin announced last week he may call a session on tax reform after mid-August.

With that in mind, EdChoice KY has launched a new educational effort to provide more clarity about Scholarship Tax Credits and how they work. In a series of Scholarship Tax Credit Explainers, EdChoice KY board members and supporters will explain why they think Scholarship Tax Credits provide the best opportunity to expand educational opportunities in Kentucky.

House Education Committee Chairman and Scholarship Tax Credit sponsor Bam Carney begins the series by explaining why Kentucky needs to adopt a Scholarship Tax Credit program. 
In it, he calls on Kentucky leaders “to be bold and adopt a scholarship tax credit program that helps as many children as possible.”

In future explainers, EdChoice KY will answer the following questions:

  •          Does School Choice Improve Student Outcomes?  
  •          What is the Fiscal Impact of School Choice? 
  •          Who is Eligible for Scholarship Tax Credits? 
  •          Are Non-Public Schools Accountable to Families? 
Please feel free to reach out if there are any topics that you would like included in our series of explainers. 


Charles H. Leis

President, EdChoice KY

P.S. On Monday evening at 8:00 PM EST, yours truly will appear on Kentucky Tonight to discuss Scholarship Tax Credits and other school choice policies. You can keep up with us on Twitter by following us at @EdChoiceKY!

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