Elder Honored by U.S. Skating

Principal Zoeller received the following notification from U.S. Figure Skating:

On behalf of the Program Development Committee of U.S. Figure Skating, I wanted to explain our 2019 Graduating Seniors Program and how it benefits both your student-athletes and your school.

The Graduating Seniors Program recognizes those student-athletes who have worked hard to pursue figure skating while maintaining their academics. While figure skating is not a traditional school sport, it requires the same dedication, perseverance and time management as any varsity sport. It is the goal of U.S. Figure Skating to help ensure these student-athletes are recognized for those skills.

There are four categories of recognition based on competition and test achievements in all disciplines of figure skating. Student-athletes are rewarded based on their highest level of achievement at either the Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze level. Following the application review process, U.S. Figure Skating sends the student-athlete their awards certificate, congratulatory letter and lapel pin, while asking them to deliver these items to you for potential inclusion at an awards presentation. This year, awards are being presented to over 800 student-athletes.

The intent of the Graduating Seniors Program is to have this honor bestowed to the student at an appropriate time – i.e. senior awards night, athletics ceremony, etc. This is beneficial for the student-athlete so that their peers and teachers are able to recognize their dedication to academics and athletics. Photos from many of these presentations are used on U.S. Figure Skating online and SKATING magazine as well as articles in local news outlets. The program recognizes schools for their support of their students’ passions and interests that extend beyond the walls of the school building.

I am pleased to inform you that Christopher Elder has been awarded the Platinum level Graduating Seniors Award. 

Way to go, Christopher! Trinity is PROUD of you.

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