FCA a Chance to Build Relationships

Favio Sanchez, ECHO Staff Reporter

Faith, fellowship, and service are more than just words. They are a way of life, and there is a club that manifests their importance. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, moderated by Trinity teacher and coach Mr. Chad Carpenter, provides those experiences and a way for students to build relationships with one another.

Although “athletes” is in the club’s name, the group is open to all students interested in growing their relationship with God and others. 

In this club, students set the tone. Carpenter said, “That was my motivation, student initiation.”

FCA member senior Will Zabel said he enjoys connecting with other students. He said, “With the student-athletes and (all) students, we go through a lot of stress, so I think this club is a good opportunity to meet people in the same boat as you and maybe relieve some of that stress.”

The FCA meetings are held before school, so they do not interfere with students’ schedules. A typical FCA meeting is laid-back but to the point. Carpenter said, “We usually bring in a guest speaker that shares a positive biblical-based message to encourage the students, whether that be through athletics or everyday life.”

After the speaker, a student leads the group in a prayer to end the meeting.

Zabel said, “I think it is unique that we have somebody we see every day that has gone through these problems, but he shows up with a smile and ready to go to work. It is cool to see, and we can learn from that, too.”

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the FCA plans to serve the community in various ways. Meanwhile, the club continues to help strengthen students’ faith.

Many students juggle various obligations, including sports, academics, and jobs. The FCA helps students realize they do not have to go through tough times alone and have God and classmates to help alleviate that stress.

Zabel said the club teaches him “to keep God involved and stay as a child of God through all stressful situations.”

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