Former Shamrock Named Louisville Chapter Leader for National Stuttering Association!

Doug Shearer, Trinity Class of 2008, has been named the Louisville Chapter Leader for the National Stuttering Association! The Association is the premier source for stuttering resources in the world.

Doug’s journey from using the resources on their website to becoming Chapter Leader started at the University of Kentucky when he was introduced to the organization by a faculty member. “My real introduction happened when I decided to take a leap of faith to go to the conference. The National Stuttering Association has an annual conference which gave me a chance to meet others who understand what I go through every day around my speech. The conference allowed me to immerse myself in the culture while learning more about the struggles that others go through.”

Given what Shearer learned from attending the conferences, he had one goal in mind, to help bring support and resources to those who stutter in the Louisville community. “The journey to the National Stuttering Association was purposeful. I wanted to one day help bring those in the Louisville community the resources to support people who may not realize there are others who stutter.”

As Shearer worked to achieve this goal, he realized just how special the Association was, and he knew that he had to share his experience with others. “The National Stuttering Association changed my life forever. I have been given the opportunity to find my voice. When faced with tough days because one cannot speak fluently, the group of people become a beacon of hope! I want to work with others within the organization to create a better future for the millions in the world who stutter.”

Now that he’s been named Chapter Leader, Shearer has a new set of goals. “As Chapter Leader, I hope to create a fun, open, judgement-free space for those who stutter, and for those who want to support those who stutter, to come share their stories. I want to help people feel supported, and share my story of overcoming obstacles. I would love to make the lives of those who stutter more fulfilling. For parents who have children who stutter, I want to help share my story to show that they should have hope. If I can connect a few people who stutter in the community that would not have otherwise met, this leadership opportunity will be a success. I’m really excited to see the response and outreach to see how far we can take future goals!”

While at Trinity, Shearer credits the school for helping him become who he is today.

I would have to write a book to properly explain all the ways Trinity has prepared me for leadership roles! The biggest takeaway from Trinity was how important relationships are. The sense of family I felt at Trinity has helped me lead in various roles throughout my life. I learned that character is defined by how quickly you get up after a setback, not the setback itself. My experience at Trinity taught me how to have the courage to put everything I have into my goals.

Shearer’s favorite memory of Trinity was his Senior Retreat. “It felt amazing to win state championships in football and wrestling! I shared something with a band of brothers that we cherished, and I’ll never forget that, but my Senior Retreat was where I was able to see that I have a gift. At that moment, I promised myself that I was going to do something to help others who stutter in the future. I am very happy to be fulfilling that promise!”

We are so proud of you and what you’ve accomplished, Doug! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.

Keep up the GreaT work as Chapter Leader!

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