Freshman Mentoring Schedule Adjustment

Dear Freshman Parents,

Freshman Mentoring Days are scheduled to resume for the remaining houses- Merton, Patrick, Romero, Seton and Toussaint. The Mentoring Days are designed to welcome your son into the Trinity Family and show him what it means to be Brothers for Life. They are led by senior leaders and faculty from your son’s house.

All Mentoring Days will take place on Wednesday in Convocation Hall from either 9:00-11:30 with breakfast provided or 12:00-2:30 with lunch provided. Students are allowed to dress down for the day. The days are not mandatory but are highly recommended. 

Due to recent schedule changes, dates have had to shift again.  Here are the dates and times for the remaining houses:

  • Merton- 4/21 9:00-11:30

  • Patrick- 4/21 12:00-2:30

  • Romero- 5/12 9:00-11:30

  • Seton- 5/12 12:00-2:30

  • Toussaint- 5/19 12:00-2:30

If your son has a conflict or have any questions regarding your son’s Mentoring Day, please contact Assistant Campus Minister, Chris Luken, at or 736-8231.

Thank you,

Campus Ministry

Counseling Department

Student Government

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