Freshman Retreats

Freshman Retreats start Tuesday, March 19 and are run by Houses for the next two weeks.

Date and Block Day Green/ White House

3/19 3-4 Tues W Aquinas

3/20 1-2 Wed G Becket

3/20 3-4 Wed G Dante

3/21 1-2 Thurs W Flannan

3/21 3-4 Thurs W Gonzaga

3/26 3-4 Tues G Merton

3/27 1-2 Wed W Patrick

3/27 3-4 Wed W Romero

3/28 1-2 Thurs G Seton

3/28 3-4 Thurs G Toussaint

For Retreats During Blocks 1 & 2

-Report to the chapel at 7:45 a.m. (8:45 on Wed.) for blocks 1 and 2 [leave all books in lockers]

-Go to lunch

-Go to 3rd and 4th block classes

-Report to Advising

For Retreats During Blocks 3 & 4

-Go to 1st and 2nd block classes

-Go to First Lunch even if normally scheduled for a different lunch

-Report to the chapel after lunch for retreat [put books, etc. in lockers]

-Retreat for 3rd and 4th blocks

-Report to Advising

This day is mandatory—if you miss retreat because you are absent, you will be rescheduled.

Freshmen can dress down in shorts/jeans/athletic pants, tennis shoes, T-shirt, or hoodie. Freshman Retreats stay on campus.

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