Important Reminders from Trinity High School

Hello students and parents,

A few reminders as we prepare to return to classes—virtually—following spring break. We hope this email finds you all in good health and that you are all continuing to make good decisions regarding social distancing. Scientists and public health officials tell us it’s the best way for us to flatten the infection curve and get back to a normal routine. Please contact us if you traveled over spring break. Should we return on April 20, those who traveled may need to spend additional time away from school.

When we begin lessons again after spring break (beginning Monday, April 6), we will begin a new online schedule as shown below:

Students are expected to attend each of their classes in the Microsoft Team set up. Attendance will be taken. If a student misses class, he will be counted absent, but we will also post a recording of each class for students to review later. To find out more about how Microsoft Teams works, go to and click the Student Training Videos icon. All students should watch these short videos before classes begin on April 6. Parents are invited and encouraged to watch them with their sons. Please note that Good Friday (April 10) will now be a day of online instruction per the above schedule.

As always, contact your teacher using your Trinity email if you have questions about how these new classes will work. We will continue to use Rockspace for many class activities. Microsoft Teams is intended to supplement what we are already doing. Though teachers have been lenient with late work to this point, after we have been back to school for a week, I will instruct teachers to enter zeroes for all missing online work. As was communicated earlier, parents and students who are having issues with technology or internet connection should contact administrators ASAP at the email below.

If you need assistance beyond what your teacher can provide, you can email, and an administrator will get back with an answer. Be patient. Though I believe you will like this structure and “face-to-face” connections, we are all learning new tools. Technology rarely works seamlessly.

We continue to be very proud of this Trinity community. Though we are apart physically, we know we remain together in spirit and faith.

Please look over these materials and watch the training videos before April 6. Contact us with questions.

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