Junior Retreats Start Sept. 27

This year’s Junior Retreat is Finding God in Nature. It will be held outdoors at the Earth and Spirit Center focusing on being a part of creation and understanding what it means to care for our environment instead of dominating it.

Parents must complete a permission form on PowerSchool through the Parent Portal.

Juniors are assigned alphabetically, with 24 students and 2 faculty members per day.

 September 27: Ackermann – Bollinger

September 29:  Bond – Caudill

October 3: Chastonay – Dennis

October 4: Dillon – Goins

October 6: Gollar – Horan

October 20: Horlander – Kendall

October 24: Kennedy – Maher

March 28: Martin –Nichols

March 30: Nichter – Rasche

April 13: Rash – Sedita-Beauchamp

April 17: Silver – Tamburino

April 20: Taylor – Webb

May 2: Weck – Zimmerman

If you are absent on your assigned day, you will be rescheduled to another date.

The entire day will be spent outside. If light rain or isolated showers are expected, the retreat will still take place.

  • If heavy rains or thunderstorms are forecasted, the decision whether to postpone will be made the morning of the retreat. You should come to school prepared for retreat, but you should also be prepared to be sent to class if the day is postponed.

Important Details:

  • Juniors report directly to the cafeteria by 8 a.m. on the day of retreat. (Don’t go to Advising)

  • What to wear: Long pants or shorts. Boots or old, sturdy athletic shoes. T-shirt and a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt/jacket depending on the weather.

  • What to bring: Bagged lunch. Water bottle. Bug spray and sunscreen. A small bag or backpack to keep and carry your items.

If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Campus Minister, Mr. Chris Luken, at luken@trinityrocks.com or (502)-736-8231.

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