KUNA Delegation Rocks!

Under the leadership of our senior and president of the Y-Club, Andrew Grimm, our KUNA delegation once again shined, displaying great talent and the ability to debate among the 2,000 high school students gathered from around the state of Kentucky.

Trinity’s delegation was named a “Premier Delegation” for their outstanding job participating throughout the three days of the conference.

Individual awards were also earned:

Porter Hunt, Nick Huls, Colin Grimm and Sebastian Mata wrote and presented a resolution, earning them the award of “Outstanding Resolution.”

Andrew Grimm was named “Outstanding Ambassador.”

Luke Bunnell was elected to be a “Summit President.”

Ben Taylor and Porter Hunt were named “Outstanding Speakers.”

Kuna delegation advisors Mr. Jorge Serrano and Mr. Walter Mata were extremely proud of all!

Way to go, KUNA Rocks!

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