Launching the 2020-2021 School Year

Launching the 2020-2021 School Year

Dr. Rob Mullen

While getting ready for the 2020-2021 school year, we are keeping our mission foremost:

We are a Catholic, college preparatory high school, forming men of faith and men of character.

Among the many advantages found at Trinity, here are three specific to this time of the pandemic.

  1. We are agile. As a single-site school we can adapt and move quickly as circumstances demand. The nature of this virus demands such flexibility.
  2. Our experience last spring using online instruction was successful. Students will be trained to use various online tools to smooth any needed transition to their use.
  3. Whether measured by college acceptances, scholarship offers, test scores or honors, our ability to work with a broad range of learners is clear. When students apply to college, a Trinity transcript means something.   

To prepare for the new school year we are following guidelines from the Kentucky Department of Education and the Kentucky Department of Public Health. Teams of administrators, teachers and staff members have worked, and continue to work, on various aspects of school life. We sought input from the elected senior class officers of the Class of 2021. We confer with local Catholic schools and study best practices from around the country. An alumnus who is an infectious disease physician has been advising us. The Trinity School Board held a special session to receive updates.

Every school is in a difficult position. If they open as always, some will worry. If they open with restrictions, some will be angry. If masks are required, some will balk. If masks are not required, some will complain. If sports are canceled, some will moan. If sports are not canceled, some will wonder why.

Our decisions will be based on living up to our mission while being mindful of the health and well-being of all our families at home and all on campus.

Every Tuesday in July we will email you and post to our website information about the upcoming school year. You can find these messages archived at under the “News” tab. Look for information and reminders on specific topics like book sales, food service, athletics, activities, and campus ministry.

We begin this week with information about our starting dates and scheduling options.

Next Tuesday (July 7) we will provide an extensive list of health and well-being measures we are implementing.


Mid-July – A mailing which includes access information for student schedules and book lists with ISBN numbers arrives home.

Aug. 5 – Book Sales (Seniors: 8-10 a.m. and Freshmen: noon-3 p.m.)

Aug. 6 – Book Sales (Juniors: 8-10 a.m. and Sophomores: noon-2:15 p.m.)

Aug. 12 – New Student Day for freshmen (1 p.m. dismissal) and transfer students (11 a.m. dismissal)

Aug. 13 – First official day of school for all students


We expect to employ a variety of daily class schedules, each depending on mandates from the state, our local needs, status of the Coronavirus infections, etc.

Version I – all students on campus every day using our A/B Block schedule

Version II – all students at home attending online instruction [this follows a set schedule of classes on M/T/Th/F with W being a day for students to engage with teachers one-on-one for help]

Version III – hybrid models that see some students on campus while others work online. For example, one such approach sees freshmen and sophomores in class on campus on Monday and Tuesday, while juniors and seniors come to school each Thursday and Friday. On rotating Wednesdays one of the groups will be on campus so students would have in-person instruction on an even more regular basis. When not at school, students will attend online instruction.

Our hope is to begin classes on August 13 using Version I. But again,this is subject to change based upon circumstances at that time.

We will announce the definitive starting class schedule at the end of July.


Use this list of contacts to answer any questions you may have.

Dr. Rob Mullen – President

Dr. Dan Zoeller – Principal

Academic Placement/Class Schedules

  • Ms. Jennifer Browning – Dean of Academic and Traditional Programs

  • Mr. Jeremy Jackson – Dean of Honors and Advanced Programs

Advanced Program

  • Mr. Paul Diehl – Director of Advanced Program

Traditional Program

  • Ms. Lucia Simpson – Counselor

Learning Support Program

  • Ms. Mary Ann Hall – Learning Support Coordinator

House System/Clubs and Activities

  • Mr. Adam Klein – House and Activities Director

Athletic Information

  • Ms. Kristin Meyer – Athletics

School Nurse

  •  Ms. Vickie Pennington – Nurse

Admissions and Financial Aid Questions

  • Mr. James Torra – Director of Admissions

Business Office/Tuition Questions

  • Mr. Larry Castagno – Chief Financial Officer

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