March Madness

Pardon any Trinity student, teacher or staff member if they are tired as March concludes. We have had a terrifically successful month in a variety of ways. Just a sampling

Amy Zuccaro was recently named Kentucky’s debate coach-of-the-year. She and her coaches and team members work their specialty very hard.

The basketball team won our school’s second state title, our second in seven years. It took us more than half a century just to get to the tournament. Congrats go to Mike Szabo, his coaches and players.

Artistic director and producer Kate E. Reedy, along with her adult staff, the cast and crew of Tarzan closed the curtain on what we believe is the best attended show in school history.

Campus Minster Mary Emrich, her assistant Chris Luken, alumni workers, teachers and staff members conducted our seventh and final senior retreat of the year, an optional program that nearly every senior chooses to attend.

College guidance counselors Matt Manning and Allie Kerns are helping seniors wrap up their college applications and complete plans for after May 19.

Volunteer chair Gretchyn Furlong, along with staff members Michelle Walters and Carrie Joy, and many volunteers, donors, students and patrons created the most successful CelebraTion dinner and auction in modern times.

Athletic director Rob Saxton, head coach Rick Arnold, the Trinity High School Foundation, Vice-president for development Jim Beckham and a large contingent of donors celebrated the opening of Trinity Stadium, home to Trinity baseball for decades to come, all built without a dime of tuition dollars.

We hope everyone takes a deep, well-earned breath during spring break. We are blessed.

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