Mask-optional Policy

Mask-optional Policy

Dr. Rob Mullen

The Archdiocese, in concert with the Health Department, has issued guidelines for a mask-optional approach.

Our high vaccination rate and the very few cases of Covid-19 we have had at any one time indicate a mask-optional approach is appropriate at this time. Therefore, we will join a number of other local Catholic high schools in going mask-optional starting Dec. 6. This is optional – all who want to wear a mask are welcome to do so.

Every Friday afternoon we will determine if masks are required the following week based upon our average weekly attendance and what percentage of absences are due to someone being Covid-positive. As of today, we have no one scheduled to be in quarantine on Dec. 6.

Students in school under the test-to-stay protocol must wear a mask until cleared. Also, when masks are off, ties are required.

All quarantine rules remain in effect; asymptomatic vaccinated persons do not need to quarantine. And remember, please keep your son home if he is sick until his symptoms subside and keep him home if anyone in the family has Covid-19.

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