Men of Faith, Men of Character

President Mullen received the following message the day after the funeral for Trinity sophomore class member Davey Albright:

Dear President Mullen:

I was in attendance last night for the sad funeral for Davey Albright at St. Margaret Mary, which also happens to be my church. Of course, you may have been there yourself, but either way, I just wanted to mention how impressed I was by the presence of so many Trinity students in support of Davey and his family. They were so quiet and respectful that it took a bit of time for me to realize that before the service began, they literally lined the walls – shoulder to shoulder – from one side of the church all the way around the back to the other side – almost like sentries watching over the service. And after the service, they lined both sides of the sidewalk leading out of the church.

Everything Trinity has done to support the Albright family through this tragedy is very much appreciated, I’m sure, but this was absolutely a first-class appearance by those young men on behalf of Trinity, and it made me proud to be an alum.


J. Scott Sweeney ’82

We are proud to work with such fine young men.

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