Message from Trinity Counselors

As school rapidly approaches, you may be wondering about the many ways we care for our students.  One obvious way is our team of academic and personal counselors. The Counseling Department at Trinity High School is here to meet the needs of students who may have trouble adjusting, interfering with their normal progress in school. Counselors will work with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and outside agencies to help meet the needs of your son. Please feel free to contact your son’s counselor by phone or email. You or your son can also make an appointment to see his counselor during the school day.

Nationwide the average counselor- to-student ratio is 470-1.  On the other hand, at Trinity we enjoy a 116-1 ratio.  Our staff of ten full-time personal and academic counselors are dedicated to meeting your son’s academic and personal needs during his four years with us.  In addition to our grade level, Traditional Program, and Advanced Program counselors who specialize in academic and personal counseling, we have two college counselors and two academic deans.  Our Learning Support Program counselor provides academic support to students with learning differences in the academic, honors, and advanced levels.

Trinity’s Counseling Department has had some staff changes and role changes for next school year. Paige Davis and her family have moved out of state and Steve Ferman has retired. We have hired two new counselors, Emily Boyle and Devian Logan.

Our counselors and their assignments for 2016-17 are as follows:

Emily Boyle—Freshman Counselor for Academic and Honors Program students

736-2191 /

Devian Logan—Sophomore Counselor for Academic and Honors Program students

736-2106 /

Mike Magre—Junior and Senior Counselor for Academic and Honors Program students

736-2192 /

Aaron Striegel—Counselor for all Advanced Program students

736-2121 /

Lucia Simpson—Counselor for all Traditional Program students; Counseling Dept. Co-Chair

736-8273 /

Mary Ann Hall – Learning Support Coordinator

736-2111 /

Sharon Bohannon—College Counselor

736-2167 /

Jeremy Jackson—College Counselor; Counseling Dept. Co-Chair

736-2135 /

Jennifer Browning – Academic Dean for Traditional and Academic Students

736-8276 /

Marty Minogue – Academic Dean for Honors and Advanced Students

736-8262 /

Counselors do check their phone and email messages throughout the summer, so feel free to contact them at any time.

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