Michael Clark ’64 Receives a Special Gift From His Nephew

In the dead of winter, prior to the pandemic of 2020, Everette Ezell thought of just the right gift for the man he called “Uncle Franchise”………Michael Clark, Trinity Class of 1964.

Everette’s idea was to secure and frame an old Trinity Shamrocks basketball jersey for Uncle Mike’s Green Room in Chesterfield, Virginia.  All the better if the jersey could be #40, the number Mike proudly wore for the Shamrocks in the early 1960’s. A call to Trinity Director, Athletics Rob Saxton H’15, produced an out of service #40 home jersey.  Mission accomplished.  Then COVID-19 hit. Everette’s plan for Uncle Mike would be delayed a few months.

But Everette was persistent and in early July was able to deliver the gift to his “Uncle Franchise”. (See photo below). Upon receiving the jersey Mike said, “I am thrilled beyond belief.  It is beautiful.  It is an honor to receive this special gift. It is especially meaningful and returns happy memories as I approach the 4th quarter of life.”

Uncle Franchise

As Mike shared this story, he also asked to share a few things about his time at Trinity, and about life after Trinity.

  • “Trinity High School was the door that opened the opportunity for me to have a good life. Growing up a skinny ghetto boy in Louisville I knew I wanted the good life. Trinity built learning skills that enabled me to complete college. What I remember most was the encouragement offered by the Trinity faculty and staff. I am black. My skin color was never an issue on campus.”

  • “After playing basketball for Trinity and graduating in 1964, I went on to play for Bellarmine University and met my wife Rosamary. We have been married 52 years and have two adult sons and five grandchildren. (See photo below). After college, I was the first black person hired in Louisville by the Aetna Insurance Company. It was easy working in an environment where I was the only black person because I had such a wonderful experience at Trinity.  I have been in the insurance business ever since. Rosamary and I own the Clark Insurance Services Company in Richmond, Virginia.”
Mike’s Family
  • “I am so grateful to have the honor of receiving this Trinity jersey. God is GOOD.  Life is Good. Trinity Forever!”

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