Mullen and Zoeller Invited Presenters in Los Angeles

Trinity Principal Dan Zoeller and school President Rob Mullen will travel to Los Angeles in July. They have been invited to speak at a conference organized by the National Catholic Educational Association. Catholic school principals, presidents and superintendents from around the country will attend the conference.

Their presentation is entitled: Inclusion in Every Way: How Trinity High School Does It.

This follows the school being featured in NCEA’s Momentum newsmagazine in Summer 2017.

The NCEA describes Trinity in this way: “Trinity High School effectively serves 1,200 young men of diverse academic backgrounds. Trinity has never limited its enrollment to those achieving a certain score on a placement test, as there are no arbitrary cut-off scores. The backbone of Trinity’s success is its LOD system or four programs of study. The House System and Catholic Identity of the school are key strengths as well in breaking a large school down to more inclusive and student-centered units. This inclusivity has in no way compromised the academic program’s success which is the strongest in school history.”

Mullen remarked, “This is the premiere conference to attend for Catholic school leaders. To be asked to speak about Trinity to our colleagues from across the country is a true honor and important moment for our school. Our approach of welcoming the broadest possible range of students is a national model for others.”

They will be joined by Sr. Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, J.D., Ph.D. who wrote the Momentum article. Sr. Shaughnessy is a Louisville native and a leading expert in Catholic school law.

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