Names Echo – A Message from the President

A Message from the President

Dr. Rob Mullen ’77

Names Echo

Many know that our school started with a different name: Holy Trinity High School. We even have a letterman’s jacket with the “HT” monogram in our archives as proof. The Class of ’57 likes to claim their behavior drove “Holy” out of our name by the time they graduated. (It may also have been to reduce much confusion between the new high school and the older Holy Trinity grade school.)

Beginning in 1969 names started to be attached to buildings and spaces, e.g., Steinhauser Gym, and then in 1978 Old Trinity Hall (A building), Floersh Hall (B), Sheehan Hall (C), Shamrock Hall (D) and Flaget Hall for the faculty house. The practice sped up in the late 90s with the start of our campus renaissance era, e.g., the R.W. Marshall Sports Center, W. Peter Flaig Library Media Center, Duerr Hall, Charles H. Leis Academic Services Center, Marshall Stadium, Joe’s Place, St. Patrick Place, Gregory E. Brown Technology Center, Walsh Family Chemistry Lab, Hollenbach Family Alumni Courtyard, and more. Some of these names identify a giant in our history, others a generous gift, or some an important aspect of our school.

Many of you have a nameplate on one of our 90 campus benches, have an inscribed brick in Alumni Hall, perhaps on reserved seats in the stadium, and some even on classrooms. These have been named in memory of a loved one, or to honor someone, to leave a message, or to show their family’s name in appreciation for this school.

In a way, it can be said that each graduate leaves his name behind. Some of these names are seen, most remain quiet whispers. When a discouraged student finds some encouragement, when another celebrates a good grade on a hard test, when a brother picks up a brother, these are the times when those whispered names echo.

We send many blessings to the Class of 2022. Your names will forever echo here.

For more information on campus naming opportunities, contact Jim Beckham ’86 at 736-2100.

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