New “Test-to-Stay” Option Can Reduce Quarantine

On Monday, October 18, Trinity will adopt the Metro Health Department’s “test-to-stay” rules for those who are Covid-19 direct contacts. The rules state the exposure must have happened at school. Community exposure, including that occurring at home and from after-school activities, is not eligible under this program. The test is free, voluntary and requires parent permission for students. The test must be administered at school; home tests are not eligible. Our contact tracers will explain the options below. 

Unvaccinated students, teachers, or staff who are Covid-19 direct contacts must do one of the following:

  • Quarantine away from school for 7 days after last exposure. If symptom-free, may return on Day 8 if there is a negative PCR or antigen test on Days 5, 6, or 7.


  • Quarantine away from school for 10 days after the last exposure, may return on Day 11 if symptom-free.

OR, with the new Health Department option:

  • A modified quarantine allows the student, teacher or staff member to attend classes or be at work, but not after-school activities, if the daily test is negative. The modified quarantine ends if on Day 8 if symptom-free and has a negative test on Days 5, 6, or 7.

  • Testing is done each day before classes begin.

  • If a test is positive, the individual will be sent home to isolate.

  • Individuals in this testing protocol cannot ride the bus or carpool to school.

  • A daily health screen before the individual comes to school must be done. If symptoms surface, the individual must stay home.

  • If an individual refuses a test or does not follow modified quarantine procedures, he/she will be sent home.

Fully vaccinated students, teachers, or staff do not need to quarantine if symptom-free.

DO NOT send your son to school if he has any cold, allergy or flu symptoms. Keep him home until symptoms are gone.

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