Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences Tuesday, Oct. 12

Trinity will host Parent-Teacher-Student conferences which are scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 12, from 2:15-6 p.m. The school will follow a Friday class schedule this day allowing for a 2:00 dismissal for students.

These conferences are primarily for the parents of students who are struggling. Some parents come to see only two or three teachers; others want to see them all. All visits are welcome.

To maximize your conference visit, we would appreciate your contacting teachers in advance about your intention to come and the timeframe you intend to be visiting. By doing so, we can better prepare for conferences and the time we spend with you. Given the number of classes each student takes at Trinity and size of our school, it is not possible to schedule a specific conference time.

Please utilize teachers’ individual email accounts or phone numbers to give them advance notice of your intention. Both are located on our website:

Of course, teachers are also happy to schedule individual conferences throughout the school year. Please don’t hesitate to email or call them whenever you have questions or concerns.

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