Recent Trinity Grad Helps Make 3D Masks

Isaiah Martin, a member of Trinity’s Class of 2020, wanted to be able to do something to help during the Covid-19 crisis and since going out in the community during lock-down was not an option, he worked with his parents to come up with a plan.

Isaiah took his knowledge of 3D printing he learned at Trinity and, with his parents already helping the crisis by sending care packages to those on the front lines, his idea was to print 3D masks, bands and face shields. He sent an email to his teacher, Mr. Hammer, about using Trinity’s printers since school was shut down and they weren’t being used. 

After working on an arrangement with Trinity Principal, Dr. Zoeller, Trinity loaned Isaiah and his parents five printers. After some calibrating and downloading of files and schematics, the printers, Isaiah, and his parents got to work and sent over 20 care packages with the 3D printed equipment, masks, hand sanitizer and other needed items!

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