Rocks Traveling to Japan

In June 2020, 36 Trinity students will be traveling to Japan. The Rocks will be accompanied by parents and Trinity chaperones, led by Mr. Benjamin Sobczyk. “I’m super excited to get our kids abroad and studying the world!”

Japan has had many identities through the centuries; its story is a fascinating one. 

Tokyo is the modern-day center of pop culture and business, while Kyoto remains the most traditional of the big cities. The country has unsurpassed natural beauty—see it from the window of the high-speed shinkansen train and in the majestic lakes and mountains of Hakone National Park.

The Rocks will visit Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, and Hiroshima as they explore Japan. Mt. Fuji, the Bamboo Forest, bullet trains and even actual KOBE STEAK await the students. “We plan on also going to get some REAL Kobe Steak while we are there.”

Japan is just one of many places that your son can experience while he’s at Trinity. Click here to explore other international travel opportunities that we offer!

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