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Code Word of the Week

It’s been more than a year since our students experienced a “typical” Trinity school day, and we are excited to re-implement the daily routines, procedures, and expectations explained in our Code of Conduct. Trinity’s Code of Conduct allows our community to function smoothly, teaches personal responsibility, and enables us to have many of the fun activities we enjoy. Each week throughout the summer we will highlight a “Code Word of the Week” that will promote your student achieving academic success and developing into a man of faith and character. This week’s Code Word of the Week is “earbuds.”  

WEEK 7: EARBUDS (noun)

a very small headphone, worn inside the ear” (Oxford Dictionary)

 Earbuds are ubiquitous (this week you get a new code word and a new vocabulary word)! Anywhere you find a group of people in public you can rest assured at least a few of them are wearing earbuds or have them in their pockets. School is no different. Most of the time, though, earbuds do not serve a beneficial school purpose. On the contrary, they tend to detract from learning and minimize social interaction. To promote your student’s full engagement in the Trinity experience, our Code of Conduct section 44B provides as follows: “Earbuds or earphones must be put away during the school day unless a teacher gives permission for their academic use. This includes passing in hallways, advising, and lunch periods.” If your student brings earbuds to school, we expect them to remain out of sight, preferably inside a backpack in a locker. This would avoid a code violation and greatly decrease the likelihood of losing an expensive device!

If you have questions about our Code of Conduct, contact the appropriate director of students.        

Juniors and seniors: Randy Perkins,, 502-736-2157.

Freshmen and sophomores: Trevor Timmerberg,, 502-736-8274.

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