School Safety

We are all saddened, and very disturbed, by the events at Marshall County High School this week. By all accounts, students there were well trained in how to respond to such a situation; and the casualties would likely have been even higher absent that training. We also teach our students how to respond in the event of an armed intruder (as well as other emergency situations), and we practice our response plan several times throughout the school year. In fact, we practiced a pre-planned armed intruder response today.

During all our emergency drills we stress the necessity of students remaining silent and following directions closely, and our students’ cooperation is impressive. Please talk with your student(s) about the importance of these practice drills, and let them know you expect them to do their part in keeping our school safe.

Also, please talk to your son about always reporting rumors or threats he hears, whether they be in-person or online. Very often, armed intruders or shooters give hints or make threats before their attacks. A student should always immediately report those to parents or an adult at school. Though in many cases a student may say he was kidding, we always take such threats seriously and follow up quickly. Section 50 of our Student Manual contains our entire policy. You can find the manual online if your son does not have a Trinity planner.

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