Steve Crump ’75 Named Educator of the Year!

Trinity alum, Steve Crump ’75, was named Educator of the Year by the Charlotte Post Foundation. Crump recently celebrated 35 years with WBTV in Charlotte, NC.

“Steve Crump produces documentaries that enlighten the community about civil rights struggles,” said Gerald Johnson, publisher of The Charlotte Post and president of The Charlotte Post Foundation. “He has brilliantly used pen and camera to tell stories of historical significance.”

According to Crump, while he considers himself something of an educator, he’s always wanted to tell the story of the underdog.

Maybe I do educate, but the overarching theme is cheering for the underdog. I see myself as somebody who has delivered information that empowered a community. You end up sinking your teeth in something.

We’re proud of you, Steve! Trinity Forever!

Check out the full story from WBTV with quotes from Crump as well as examples of his award-winning work!

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