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Code Word of the Week

It’s been more than a year since our students experienced a “typical” Trinity school day, and we are excited to re-implement the daily routines, procedures, and expectations explained in our Code of Conduct. Trinity’s Code of Conduct allows our community to function smoothly, teaches personal responsibly, and enables us to have many of the fun activities we enjoy. Each week throughout the summer we will highlight a “Code Word of the Week” that will promote your student achieving academic success and developing into a man of faith and character. This week’s Code Word of the Week is “backpack.”  


a bag with shoulder straps that allow it to be carried on one’s back” (Merriam-Webster)

Backpacks looked different during the ’20-’21 school year (i.e., transparent), but this fall we will return to business as usual! Students are NOT required to use clear backpacks, and backpacks will be stored during the school day inside the student’s locker. “Book bags, backpacks or briefcases are not allowed in classrooms, resource areas or the cafeteria during lunch” (Code of Conduct section 44B). Students are allowed to carry their computing devices in “small cases,” but “[t]hese cases are to be used for computing devices only and not as a book bag.”

Our backpack policy helps keep students as safe as possible while on campus. It is the result of recommendations from local fire and police departments and is the accepted best practice in the education industry. Having backpacks on classroom floors would impede exiting during an emergency and would also limit teachers’ ability to identify what students bring into classrooms.

If you have any questions regarding our backpack policy, please contact the appropriate director of students.

Juniors and seniors: Randy Perkins,, 502-736-2157.

Freshmen and sophomores: Trevor Timmerberg,, 502-736-8274

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