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It’s been more than a year since our students experienced a “typical” Trinity school day, and we are excited to re-implement the daily routines, procedures, and expectations explained in our Code of Conduct. Trinity’s Code of Conduct allows our community to function smoothly, teaches personal responsibly, and enables us to have many of the fun activities we enjoy. Each week throughout the summer we will highlight “Code Words of the Week” that will promote your student achieving academic success and developing into a man of faith and character. This week’s Code Words of the Week are “random drug testing.”


“a method of testing for drug use through a process of random selection” (adapted from 

Since its inception six years ago, Trinity’s random drug testing program has become an invaluable support and tool for our families. This year we will randomly test 100% of students, continuing our effort to encourage safe and healthy life choices. Our policy is intended to identify students who use illegal substances and to partner with their families to promote a drug-free high school experience. Though the program is meant to help and not be punitive, students who have repeated positive tests face school consequences including dismissal. 

Not surprisingly, several false rumors have circulated over the years regarding our process. To address the most common:

1. Testing IS random. While our Code of Conduct allows non-random testing, this occurs rarely and only when the school or a parent/guardian strongly feels there may be an issue (see Sec. 51B).  

2. We ONLY collect hair samples. These samples can accurately detect use over the past 100 days.

3. EVERY collected sample is submitted to the lab, tested, and its result returned. 

4. At random, we use either an alcohol or illicit drug panel. Some prescription medications show up on screenings and are verified through parent contact.

5. Parents are always notified when a student is tested, and parent meetings follow any positive test.

Please take time to review the complete testing policy located in the Code of Conduct at Section 51B. If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate director of students.  

Juniors and seniors: Randy Perkins,, 502-736-2157. 

Freshmen and sophomores: Trevor Timmerberg,, 502-736-8274. 

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