Summer Credit Recovery Information

As Semester One grades are finalized, you will discover that your son ended up doing better in some classes than others. In some classes, he may have excelled; in other classes, he may have not succeeded. If a failing grade was indeed the outcome of a class, this half-credit will need to be made up this summer.

For your planning purposes, Underclassman Credit Recovery (freshman-junior) dates for this summer have been finalized. According to school policy, failures must be made up in the summer through Trinity’s Summer Program; again, these dates are for freshmen-juniors. Senior Credit Recovery is done on an individual basis and is handled by Ms. Mary Ann Hall; contact her at or 736-2111 for more information.

Credit Recovery dates will be June 21-July 9, 8:00AM-12:00PM daily. Art studio classes cannot be made up in the summer; pass/fail classes are not made up. Registration information for summer credit recovery will be mailed the first full week of June. Please avoid scheduling vacations during these times if your son will be required to attend the Credit Recovery Program.

For more information regarding freshman-junior credit recovery, please contact Mr. Keith Rapp, H’13 at or 736-8225.

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