Taking Necessary Precautions – From Dr. Rob Mullen

Taking Necessary Precautions

Dr. Rob Mullen ’77

In recent years there have been three times we moved classes to all online for reasons other than weather or COVID-19.

The first time involved a threat to the school picked up by St. Matthews Police over an alumnus turning down a coaching job at the University of Louisville. They could not determine whether the threat was legitimate in time for us to know if school could be safely conducted in-person. Eventually an adult was arrested for making the threat. I think it was determined the threat was done as satire. No Trinity students were involved in the threat.

The second time involved a citizen calling Trinity to report a person disembarking from a TARC bus in front of school they thought was suspicious for various reasons. We immediately called St. Matthews Police, went to lock down and eventually had classes online. It was determined that the citizen was sincere in the concern but that the threat was non-existent. No Trinity students were involved in this situation either.

Most recently the school received an early morning email with information that could not be determined as a legitimate threat or not. Erring on the side of caution, we moved classes to all online. The St. Matthews Police Department, assisted by the United States Secret Service and the Louisville Metro Police Department, is conducting an investigation. They will keep us apprised and we will share what we can. They commended us on our decision to take this seriously. We do not know if any Trinity student is involved in this matter.

As in the other two circumstances, the overwhelming response from school families has been one of gratitude for us taking the necessary precautions. It is the only approach we can take.

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