Team Kyle – Trinity Junior Needs Our Help

Written by: Natalie Hunter Riggs

Kyle Caruthers was by all accounts a typical teen boy living life, attending hybrid classes at Trinity High School, and working part time at Chubby Ray’s restaurant when he developed a cough that worsened over three weeks in January 2021. Negative Covid tests and treatment as sinus infection failed to improve the bothersome coughing spells. A fever eventually developed leading to an order for lung X-rays at the hospital on a Friday. This visit turned into weeks long inpatient admission at Norton Children’s downtown.

Kyle’s father, a nurse, and his stepmother, Laura, were not prepared to learn that Kyle had a fully collapsed lung and would be spending several days inpatient starting in ICU. Several scans later, Kyle and family received the further shocking news of a volleyball sized tumor pressing against heart and lungs. This tumor tested as cancerous, specifically as Stage 3 mixed germ cell tumor in the chest. One blessing came when scans did not show any spread into Kyle’s brain or bones, along with news that chemotherapy is often very effective at shrinking this tumor type.

Kyle’s family, friends, classmates, school community, coworkers, and many people of faith near and far have been holding Kyle and his medical team in daily prayer. Kyle and family are thankful for the many small practical acts of love, kindness, and gifts to provide some small joys in these first long and grueling weeks of hospitalization.

Kyle is braving his rounds of inpatient chemo and its effects and has many more rounds and phases still ahead on this journey no 17 year old should have to face. Kyle has been strong through so much in his young life, including through the untimely passing of his beloved mother just three years back. Team Kyle is here and ready to show and give immediate and ongoing support to Kyle and his family through this trial through prayer and practical helps.

Kyle’s family is facing considerable missed work time, everyday bills now compounded by weeks of hospital bills ahead, much more testing and rounds of outpatient chemo and treatments ahead, and a surgery to hopefully remove the tumor once shrunk. The road ahead is long but paved with faith, hope, and the fight to win this battle.

 Please consider purchasing a shirt or shirts with proceeds going to Kyle’s dad , Mark, for Kyle’s needs. You can also opt to click the donate button and give regardless of if you choose to purchase a support shirt. Special thanks to Trinity High School sophomore and friend, Liam Gaddie, and to Trinity High School Art Dept. teacher, Mr. James Serochi,for the graphic design work for Team Kyle’s support shirt.  Pray 1ae617abba252d533e05948a79d49f858e2b9286 Fight 1ae617abba252d533e05948a79d49f858e2b9286 Win 1ae617abba252d533e05948a79d49f858e2b9286

CLICK HERE to find more information on how to sign up for Kyle’s Meal Train! We hope family, friends, school faculty, classmates, and others will support Kyle and family through donating some healthy meals and/or gift cards for dining to go meals as needed on hospital days/outpatient clinics and such. Please keep the prayers flowing as well!

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