Toussaint Collects for WaterStep

Toussaint House and the Trinity community teamed up with WaterStep for their annual shoe drive. Donated shoes are sold, and profits are used to purchase water purification systems to provide clean drinking water for people around the world.

Derek Howard, the Director of the shoe program for WaterStep, said the following about Trinity’s efforts: “Trinity High School’s total collection was the highest of any parochial, public, independent or private school in the region. The estimated value of the shoes collected is $7,000. This number surpassed the total Trinity collected last year by more than $1,000. Many thanks to the entire Trinity community!”

One student, junior Benjamin Grissom, collected 105 pairs of shoes by simply asking his relatives and neighbors to donate. Benjamin said, “This project spoke to me and I wanted to be a part of something that helps to change people’s lives in a positive way.”

Photo credit to ECHO staff member Matt Gadd.

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