Trinity Alum Chasing Filmmaking Dream

Jacob Staley is a 2018 graduate of Trinity and is currently a B.F.A Film Student at Western Kentucky University, with a concentration on Post-production.

“Trinity gave me such a great opportunity within the classroom that directly led to my success at WKU. Mr. Owens’s English classes helped me write professional documents to companies, actors, and clients. Mr. Klein’s Video Production courses helped me understand the basic concepts of filmmaking, and Dr. Zoeller’s Film Study class reinforced my opinion of the beauty of film,” Staley remarked.

While at WKU, Staley has worked with many talented people, and state-of-the-art equipment. “At Western, I have learned how to use industry standard equipment (RED Camera, MoVi stabilizer, diffusion, Arri Skypanel, etc.), and it has made me feel like a professional filmmaker. It is such a great opportunity to work with these professional people and professional equipment, not just because it makes our films actually look like films, but it prepares us for the future, like what Trinity did for me,” said Staley.

Over the course of his years at WKU, Staley has 40 credits to his name, while also performing jobs such as directing, editing, producing, coloring, and sound designing. Like the film industry, WKU has been forced to evolve with the COVID- 9 threat. Not by conducting online learning courses, but by showing students how to make films in the safest way possible.

“We are still doing what we love and are taking the necessary steps, because we have such aspirations and dreams of becoming professional filmmakers. Last semester, we filmed 35 student short films, with 0 COVID cases!” Staley proudly exclaimed. “For me, this semester is going to be the craziest yet. I am partaking in filming 12 student short films. I will be partaking in all the jobs that people do on set (director, producer, production designer, etc.), and I am so excited! I am most excited to edit a senior thesis film, which a junior rarely gets to edit here at WKU.”

How You Can Help!

If you want to help support some of the films that Jacob will be working on, helping him fulfill his dream of becoming a filmmaker, check out his GoFundMe for “the film that I am directing” and “the film that I am producing.”

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