Trinity and Georgetown College Partner for Scholarship

Recognizing their shared mission, Georgetown College and Trinity High School are proud to announce a partnership which includes a tuition-match scholarship for Trinity High School students attending Georgetown College. The Christian School Partner Scholarship will allow all students from Trinity High School admitted to GC to receive a scholarship for the total cost of the current, posted twelfth grade tuition and is renewable for four years. The scholarship will be available to all residential, full-time students admitted to Georgetown College after graduating from Trinity High School beginning in fall 2020.

This exciting new partnership provides students from Trinity High School the unique opportunity to further their education at an institution which aligns with the mission of their secondary education, while maintaining the cost of that education for those students and their families.

“The students of Trinity High School exhibit the highest in academic and spiritual foundations,” said Georgetown College president, William Jones. “They are ambassadors for Christ, and we are excited about recognizing their character and abilities in this way. This partnership is a commitment to jointly developing Christian world leaders and making the unique, championship-level education of the heart and mind Georgetown College provides accessible to more Trinity High School students.”

Georgetown College president, William Jones (left) and Trinity principal, Dr. Dan Zoeller (right), making the scholarship official.

“We welcome this partnership. Becoming a man of character and faith is not accomplished in four years,” adds Trinity principal, Dr. Dan Zoeller. “We hope this opportunity furthers Trinity’s character-driven lessons, so Trinity-Georgetown alums become educated, faith-filled men who serve others throughout their lifetimes.”

Trinity High School and Georgetown College prepare students to fulfill God’s calling through Christ-centered education, focusing on the student’s mind and heart. The institutions’ equivalent goals and model for learning serve as the basis of this exciting, new partnership.

“It is our hope that by making a Christian higher education more affordable, we can encourage many more students from Trinity High School to come and explore what they are called to do and who they are called to be at Georgetown College,” said VP of Enrollment Management, Dr. Jonathan Sands Wise.

Both institutions recognize the importance of a Christian education and believe this partnership will better serve those students looking for just that.

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