Trinity Class of 2023 Academic Convocation

In what has become a special and unique annual tradition, the Trinity Class of 2023 set the tone for their Trinity journey with the Academic Convocation. The Convocation celebrates the Class of 2023’s commitment to giving the maximum effort of their soul into their academic pursuit while at Trinity. The event takes place in Steinhauser Gymnasium, named after our founder, Monsignor Steinhauser.

Jennifer Browning welcomed those upon arrival, as the ceremony opened with a prayer. Trinity’s President Dr. Rob Mullen provided the opening remarks, explaining to all present, how this special celebration fits in to the “Trinity” of opening school moments for the Class of 2023.

The Convocation touches the intellect; events such as the first home football game or Rockin’ touch the heart; and Opening Mass touches the soul.

Senior Porter Hunt took the stage to address Trinity’s newest freshman class. Hunt urged the Class of 2023 to “make the most out of your first year at Trinity because your time in high school is short. Get involved now so when you’re a junior or senior, you don’t look back and say, ‘I wish I had joined earlier.'” He also offered some academic advice to our newest class, advising the guys to manage their time wisely instead of waiting until the last second. He encouraged them to use their Advising Period productively by asking the upperclassmen for help if you need it.

Trinity Principal Dr. Dan Zoeller was next to speak, introducing each of the different educational departments on campus. Dr. Zoeller recommended that each individual student find their own, unique learning style Whether that style is auditory, visual, or tactile, ideally, students want to use all three styles to bolster their learning habits. He encouraged the Class of 2023 to, “find some quiet time, and to put away those smart phones when it’s time to study or do homework.”

Trinity’s Director of Admissions, James Torra, came up to guide the students through the book signing ceremony. By signing this book, the Class of 2023 committed themselves to maximizing their academic pursuit while they’re here at Trinity. The night culminated with the Class of 2023 taking their first class photo.


We wish you the best of luck, Trinity Class of 2023! Be GreaT!

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