Trinity Community Hosts Online Rosary

On Wednesday, March 18 the Saints Peter and Paul Society and the Theology Department hosted a virtual rosary for the Trinity Community. 

A group of about twenty Faculty and Staff, along with some of their family members, gathered virtually to say the Rosary.  This virtual meeting was suggested by Dr. Kathy Cash to keep people connected as a community of faith, even though we cannot physically pray together.  The group hopes to host the Rosary on Wednesday mornings and Stations of the Cross through the end of Lent on Fridays. 

I suggested the idea as a way to keep people connected to each other as a community of faith, even though we cannot physically pray together.

I thought it was a powerful experience.  People could choose to mute themselves or turn their own microphones on.  Several had their mics on, allowing people to hear them as they responded, which really allowed the feeling of connection even at the distance.  

We are planning to continue these virtual gatherings to our community as long as the quarantine happens.  The hope as of now is to host Rosary on Wednesday (at a minimum) morning and Stations of the Cross through the end of Lent on Fridays.  We might expand if see increasing requests.  I think that with the loss of mass and communal prayer spaces, we must be creative in how keep people connected to the Church at large.

Dr. Kathy Cash

This shared rosary was an awesome experience. In a time where we often feel helpless to do anything but hunker down and isolate ourselves, it was gratifying to know that we can come together to do something. Prayer is a powerful thing.

Keith Rapp

I think this experience showed that we can adapt to new situations without losing sight of who we are, and, in fact, these times can remind us about what is most important in our work. In the Church, we constantly talk about the need for a New Evangelization, for bringing the gospel into the new context and new situations of the modern world, and I think this experience was a great example of the ways we can do that. We need to be open to doing that as teachers as well, whether we have the guys in front of us or not. I cannot say for certain how this affected the community, but what I can say is that giving into the despair of the challenge of each day is not the answer. Finding ways to remind ourselves, despite how everything may seem, that God has not abandoned us is essential. We prayed the Glorious Mysteries today. Those mysteries remind us that God truly loves his creation and is constantly working out His plan for that creation. Those mysteries remind us that the victory has already been won. Those mysteries also remind us that we, too, are called to share in that victory, ultimately in heaven but even now in each day. I think that’s what we need right now. I think that’s what our students need right now. The world seems to be shaken to its core, and I think these are the ways that we can be reminded of the solid ground on which we stand.

Patrick Koopman

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