Trinity Freshman Qualifies for National Academy Championship Horse Show

Trinity’s Class of 2024, Andrew Stephens, recently attended the National Academy Championship Horse Show in Murfreesboro, TN.

Andrew has been riding horses for six years. Along with riding horses, he has a job at Louisville Equestrian Center. He works on the weekends and assists with summer camps.  Andrew has learned respect, responsibility, discipline, and personal empowerment being a part of this equestrian program. He also received an award in 2019 for “Counselor in Training of the Year” for most hours worked and his dedication to the program.  

Andrew rides horses with Louisville Equestrian Center (LEC) and he is on their Academy Show Team. He worked hard all year to qualify to be invited to the National Horse Show, and he will meet with a Saddleseat Coach/Professor from William Woods University, which is his top college choice. 

Every summer Andrew is a part of the Horses Offering Opportunities for the Future Inc. (HOOF KY) charity camp and horse show. Betsey Webb, his horse trainer, started HOOF KY.  Their mission is to connect at risk, disadvantage, trauma-stricken youths to horses and let horses work their magic. Horses can touch the human spirit in ways not found in other relationships. 

According to Andrew’s mother, Tiffany, horse riding has been significantly influential to Andrew’s development as a student and as a person. “We are very proud of his dedication and commitment to LEC. Andrew has learned skills that will last him a lifetime. Horse riding has many benefits such as improving cognitive abilities: enhanced learning, memory and problem solving. We have seen Andrew improve in school, over the years, which we feel is a direct result of this program. The Louisville Equestrian Center is his favorite place in the world. He spends every weekend, and all summer at the barn.”

Along with competing, Andrew truly loves working at the barn. He enjoys interacting with horses such as riding, washing, feeding, and preparing the horses for their next ride. Andrew’s goal is to attend William Woods University and get a degree in Equine Studies. 

One of Andrew’s fondest memories comes from riding horses. Andrew participates every summer in an Equestrian Drill Team, which is a group of horses and riders performing choreographed maneuvers to music. After a few years of hard work and dedication, his team won 1st place in the summer of 2019! His second, favorite memory was being asked to join the Academy Show Team.

“As parents of three boys, who have each gone to different high schools. Trinity is a perfect match for Andrew, and for us as parents. He feels completely at home and loves his teachers. He always tells us about his communication with his teachers in person or online. His favorite thing about Trinity is the block scheduling,” says Tiffany.

Way to go, Andrew! We are proud!

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