Trinity GreaTness – Investing in our Students

By the time your son enters as a freshman, we will have recently invested just under $40 million dollars in our St. Matthews campus. What he will enjoy is remarkable:

  • Modern, clean, bright, technology-filled classrooms with ample wireless capability


  • Eight science labs, plus a brand new greenhouse


  • A new S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering Math) lab


  • Six computer labs


  • A new library-media center with an expanded book collection and robust online resources


  • A new technology center brimming with equipment, including for our robotics program


  • Dedicated spaces for art, music, drama, print journalism and a TV studio


  • A new college and career center for students, parents, and visiting colleges


  • A new cafeteria providing students with more food choices and faster lunch lines


  • Six courtyards like those found on college campuses


  • Athletics stadiums and support facilities, like a new weight room and a new premiere baseball stadium, that rivals those found at small colleges


  • New locker rooms for football, soccer, lacrosse and wrestling teams


  • Plenty of parking made possible by property acquisition


Two GreaT things about what we have been doing with the campus:

  • These facilities are paid for. We have ZERO debt on these facilities. Your tuition dollars do not go to paying these facilities.


  • These facilities are here NOW. Your son does not have to wait to enjoy them. ENJOY THEM NOW.


Plans are underway for two new buildings. When completed, students will enjoy added resources that will make this high school experience even richer.

Come join us. We will grow together, your son and our resources.

Remember the Placement Test on Saturday morning, December 14. Your son should arrive on campus by 8:45 a.m. with two #2 pencils. There is no charge for the test.

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