Trinity High School continues rich athletic tradition through esports

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Griffin Gonzales, WDRB Reporter

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Trinity High School sophomore Jack Nielson has been playing Rocket League since 2016. 

“It’s kind of like a demolition derby and soccer combined in one game,” he said.

Nielson is a member of the Trinity esports team. 

The team is a group of students at Trinity High School that come together each Monday and Tuesday after school to practice before Wednesday and Thursday’s games.

“Just like football and soccer, it’s a legitimate sport.” said Trinity Coach Mitch Greenwell. “The level of competition we bring is really the dividing factor.”

Trinity competes with other schools around the states and players claim it isn’t too different from other sports. 

“Esports to me is like any other sport,” Neilson said. “You have football where you love watching professional football, and playing professional football. Esports is basically just taking football and soccer into a digital world.”

Trinity formed the esports team three years ago and already the team has claimed a KHSAA State championship. 

“As the state gets more and more schools doing this, the more competitive it gets,” said Greenwell. 

Some colleges including Western Kentucky University are offering scholarships for esports.

“I got an email from a kid today who is playing in Western (Kentucky’s) esports team and is now getting a scholarship,” said Greenwell. “It’s so cool to see the opportunities that kids are getting for playing these games.”

Although no sweat is required, Nielson believes that esports is as much of a sport as football.

“I think you get as much team atmosphere as soccer or anything else,” Nielson said. “People can have their separate opinions but you have fans, you’re grinding every day with your teammates, you get to learn and have to defend with them and that’s as much of a sport anything else.”

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