Trinity Launching E-Sports Program

Exciting News About Trinity’s E-Sports Program

Trinity is excited to launch their inaugural E-Sports program this fall! The game we will be playing is a game called “Rocket League.” The best way to describe this game is “soccer with cars that can fly.” The game is now an official KHSAA sanctioned sport complete with a state title.

Trinity’s E-Sports team will be coached Mr. Ben Sobczyk ’06. Mr. Sobczyk is thrilled to get started! “I am so excited to get our program off the ground. This will be COMPLETELY FREE for Trinity students to compete in and will give our students another outlet to get involved! Members of Trinity’s E-Sports team should anticipate spending at least three hours a week of regular practice as well as match nights. As with any sport/extracurricular/club at Trinity, grade checks will be weekly and there will be certain behaviors expected from the students on our team.”

“To sign up on the PlayVs website, go to, sign up, associate yourself with Trinity High School on the sign up page and I will then verify you from my coaches page and assign you to the Rocket League team.”

For more information or questions, please direct all questions to Coach Sobczyk at

Go Rocks!

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