Trinity Rising Senior Scores Perfect 36 on the ACT

When Hunter Ruckriegel, Trinity’s Class of 2020, found out that he had scored a perfect 36 on the ACT, he wasn’t quite sure how to feel. “I was surprised and thrilled all at the same time! I remember taking the test, thinking that I was satisfied with my overall performance, but I did think that the math section was really difficult.”

While at Trinity, Hunter credits several different areas of preparation in helping him feel ready for the test.

“The teachers were such a big part of me feeling prepared for the exam. Whether it was the ACT prep courses I took sophomore and junior year, or the knowledge base that I acquired during my rigorous AP schedule of classes, without those study skills or that foundation of how to study, I don’t think this perfect score would have been possible. I want to also thank my parents for always believing in me.”

What’s next for somebody who has just scored a perfect 36 on the ACT? “I can’t believe my senior year is here! I’m looking forward to continuing to participate in the Beta Club and the National Honor Society as well as being a member of Trinity’s Quick Recall Team. After Trinity, I want to pursue a career in engineering, and I’m still deciding on what college I will be attending.”

As Hunter enters his senior year at Trinity, he’s got one bit of advice for his friends and fellow Rocks. “To all of my Trinity brothers – hard work and dedication definitely pays off!”

Trinity is proud of you, Hunter!

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