Trinity Senior Inks Three Book Deal with Barnes & Noble

Pictured is Trinity senior Josh Gilbert (far left) and friends.

For Trinity senior, Josh Gilbert, writing began as a way of expressing feeling, experiences, and emotions. “Getting involved with Amazon and Barnes & Noble was a complete shock to, not only myself, but everyone who was involved with the book!”

Josh’s first book, Sentoid Containment, a sci-fi thriller, was the result of years and years of writing and re-writing. “The book was really the culmination of seven years with a lot of material being taken from my past experiences and emotions. I honestly hadn’t even considered it an actual book until after my spinal injury. I started to use the book as a way to release some of my emotions and what I found was that the characters came surprisingly easy to me. By using experiences from my own life, I was able to form the motivations and emotions of characters and other needs as my story saw fit.”

“Once the book went public, I got involved with Amazon and it was incredibly surprising when they emailed me a contract! It wasn’t until the book was officially released and started to do relatively well that Barnes & Noble got involved. To say that I was excited would be an understatement!”

As Josh continues his journey, he discovers more and more about himself. “I would say the most interesting thing for me is making something from what would normally be considered painful or traumatic. I’m finding it a lot of fun to make a story and break the traditional tropes that others usually follow.”

Creating a story is definitely a process for me. I like to use my Legos to build the settings and characters as a way to walk through what would actually happen in a given situation. Building the set takes a while but I think it pays off in the end because I’m able to see the story unfolding from a third person point-of-view.

Trinity senior Josh Gilbert

In the midst of all the writing, Josh is looking forward to enjoying his senior year at Trinity. “Trinity has been absolutely great! Teachers like Mr. Budniak, Mrs. Waggoner, Mrs. Comstock, and so many others have been so supportive of my writing. In some cases, I’ve even used their last names for characters, such as Brayton Budniak. I can’t thank them enough for their support and advice.”

We’re proud of you, Josh!

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