Trinity Senior Publishes Best-Selling Children’s Book

For Trinity senior Jack Chauvin, hockey has always been a way of life. Yet, even in his wildest dreams, he couldn’t imagine it would, one day, land him at the top of Amazon’s Children’s Books charts!

Jack’s book, written with his mother, Laura Chauvin, When I Get To St. Louis: An ABC Journey Imagined for the Greatest Trophy in Sports is the #1 New Release in Amazon’s Children’s Hockey Books!

Taken from Amazon:

When I Get To St. Louis is an alphabet journey designed to highlight the best of St. Louis and imagine how the greatest trophy in sports – the Stanley Cup – would experience this exciting city which has been waiting for the Cup for more than 50 years! Young children will love seeing the Cup visit familiar St. Louis sights as they learn their letters and a bit about the great sport of hockey. From A to Z, the authors’ rhyming verse and interesting sidebar text will share unique facts about St. Louis, and Claudia Varjotie’s colorful illustrations are the next best thing to actually visiting the “Gateway to the West.”

The story behind the book starts with an unfortunate injury that Jack sustained playing hockey. As Jack explains, “I knew I couldn’t play hockey, but it was all I could think about. I’m from St. Louis, and my mom works for the St. Louis Blues, so we started thinking about this really cool idea for a children’s book. What if the Stanley Cup were to travel through the city, stopping along all of these different St. Louis landmarks? The A – Z approach was something we thought that children would enjoy and also be helpful as they learned the letters.”

As Jack started getting more serious about writing the book, there was one glaring issue. “I’m not a great artist,” he jokes, “I knew I needed somebody to do my illustrations.” Enter Claudia Varjotie. According to Jack, “Claudia was perfect. We thought her illustrations were going to be a great compliment to what we wanted to write.”

When the book was finished and eventually, published, the immediate popularity of the book, took Jack by surprise. “I was shocked that the book made it all the way to #1 New Releases on Amazon’s Children’s Hockey Books! I’m really excited because half of the proceeds from this book are going to the St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation. This foundation works to engage athletes all genders, races, and socio-economic backgrounds in ice sports.”

What’s Jack’s favorite part of the book? “I love the ‘Where is the Glove?’ game throughout the book. Similar to Where is Waldo?, the kids have to find the hidden glove that the Stanley Cup bearer wears. I think they’ll have a lot of fun with it!”

The book simply adds to what has been a whirlwind of a year for Jack. This past summer, he spent time in Tanzania in East Africa, working as a PE and English teacher in an orphanage. “It’s hard to fathom the problems that they face over there, but with continued world support, the quality of life is beginning to look up. They just need a little bit of help from everybody.”

We’re so proud of you, Jack!

For more information on When I Get To St. Louis, and to purchase a copy  book, CLICK HERE!

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