Trinity Students Benefit from the School’s Commitment to Planning

2022 marks the 30th year since our first formal, extensive strategic planning effort. Since then we have created 3 long-range visions of what we wanted the school to look like at some distant point in the future. Then we created 10 3-year plans of “to do” items to bring that vision into reality. All the planning projects began with listening to our students, parents, alumni, teachers and staff members. Our three boards: School, Foundation and Alumni are intimately involved in creating the plans and ultimately approve and oversee the plans.

Our plans are built upon what we call pillars, which are the foundations we need to have aligned in order to live out our mission.

These pillars range from our efforts to build a community of faith to academics to student services to smart use of technology to teachers and staff to the facilities. Whether in our alumni relations and fund raising, student activities and athletics, or community outreach, every plan seeks to assess what needs improving and then we take action.

The primary aim of each action is “how does this benefit students.” 

The singular focus on meeting student needs has resulted in programs we have now that are producing great results all while maintaining our day-one charge by Archbishop Floersh to serve the broadest possible range of students with whatever academic strengths and challenges they bring.

Below is a list of campus-wide projects scheduled for 2022:

Extending a sidewalk to our outdoor science lab and greenhouse

Remodeling a physics lab

Building two flexible learning spaces for groups and individuals

Building a new center for ongoing teacher professional development

Remodeling the cafeteria to yield more food choices and faster food lines

Creating a new Admissions Office and Visitor Center

Relocating Campus Store and Athletic Office to larger and more convenient locations

Expanding the Business Office for improved customer service 

Replacing the main boilers with high energy-efficient units

Building our seventh and largest courtyard

Stadium upgrades including new playing surface, chair back seats, and video board

Complete the campus-wide conversion to high energy-efficient LED lighting

For a closer look at how we’ve continued to revitalize our campus, click here to read an article that was recently featured in The Record!

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