Trinity Students Travel to Ireland

Kinsale Community is a co-ed school, roughly the size of Trinity with Catholic roots and a strong commitment to STEM education. Several Kinsale students stayed with Trinity families last April then invited us for a visit.

The faculty is strong and dedicated, the students vibrant and talented, and the principal invested and enthusiastic about his students becoming world citizens. Ireland will join Argentina, Costa Rica, China, and several rotating destinations for our students to gain an appreciation for the world community.

Inchydoney Island in Ireland

The four Trinity students who traveled to Ireland were Will Altsman, Bennett Carothers, Spencer Haydon and Liam Kelly. Each of them shared their unique perspectives from the trip:

  • Will Alstman – “What a cool experience! I think the biggest cultural shock for me was the way they did lunch. Each student would put his or her lunch in the center of the table and everybody would share the combined lunches. My favorite part of the trip was traveling to the Blarney Stone.”

  • Bennett Carothers – “I loved this trip! I thought the school itself was amazing. We visited during their fourth-year or transition year, so the students were all taking elective classes to find out what they wanted to study moving forward. The biggest culture shock for me was the dialect. We’re speaking the same language, but I couldn’t understand some of the words!”

  • Spencer Haydon – “My favorite part of the trip was our visit to Ballyhass. Ballyhass is an outdoor retreat camp where we were able to recharge, meet a ton of other people our age, and have fun! I really liked how their schedule was set up for school. It’s like Trinity in that they can take a ton of electives to find out what they want to study later.”

  • Liam Kelly – “For me, my family is very Irish, so there wasn’t a ton of culture shock when we arrived. My favorite part of the trip was getting to meet and hang out with other kids. Getting to immerse ourselves in their culture and socialize with them was awesome. I would love to go back!”

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