Trinity’s House and Activities Director Presents at National House Institute

Trinity House and Activities Director Mr. Adam Klein attended the House System Institute at Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis, MO from June 18-19. Over 90 participants from 13 different states and 21 different schools participated in the conference.

Klein presented twice on the topic of “House Competitions and Scoring.” While in attendance, he also attended sessions on “Parent Engagement in the House System,” “Leadership Development,” “Mentor/Advisory Groups,” and “House Meeting and Activities.” The Institute provided an excellent opportunity for the growing number of schools across the country to collaborate with one another to develop and share ideas for improving their House Systems. Klein echoed these thoughts talking about how beneficial and relevant The Institute was for him:

The House System Institute provides concrete strategies, great food for thought, and inspiration, all rolled into one – to help schools improve their House Systems. I look forward to attending the conference every year!”

Way to Rock The House, Mr. Klein!

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