Trinity’s Kehdy ’23 Earns Perfect ACT Score

Congratulations to Trinity Junior John Kehdy who scored a perfect 36 on his ACT! John and I sat down for a short interview recently to talk about his perfect score, and what he’s most excited about during his junior year here at Trinity:

Bret Saxton ’05, Director of Communications: Congrats, John! What an unbelievable accomplishment, a perfect ACT score. When did you find out you scored a 36?

John Kehdy, Trinity Class of 2023: Thank you! I found out at lunch when one of my classmates was complaining that the scores were out and he couldn’t see his. I quickly logged into MyACT and saw my score.

BS: Did you go crazy? (Laughs) How did you react?

JK: I felt absolutely ecstatic and could not believe my luck!

BS: Did you have a feeling during the test that you might earn a perfect score? Were you just in a total groove?

JK: Actually, I didn’t feel comfortable at all during the test due to the rigorous pacing requirements. However, I thought that I might score around a 34 or 35.

BS: So, now that you’ve taken the AC, and clearly, earned the score you were hoping for, what are you looking forward to most about junior year?

JK: This year, I am most excited to play varsity tennis and compete in powerlifting. I want to set state records and win state in powerlifting in my weight class. In addition, I want to also win tournaments in quick recall.

BS: A busy man! Let’s look ahead to college plans. Any thoughts?

JK: I am looking at Vanderbilt, RIT, Harvard, John Hopkins, and UK. I want to major in Biology to go pre-med and minor in Computer Science because I love it.

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