Trinity’s Kenya Outreach Program

Amidst spotty WiFi and little electricity to connect to the world, Trinity’s students are making a difference!

These Trinity Rocks, led by Trinity faculty member Mr. Chad Waggoner, have traveled to the Cherangany District, Kenya. Partnering with Wesley Korir and the Kenya Kids Foundation, their goal is to have five homes finished by next Wednesday, June 12.

The powerful and unique stories behind each of the five homes are told by Mr. Waggoner:

Our first home that we started working on is a single mother and her four children and two grandchildren who have been living in a mud home that was about 8 feet by 8 feet. To add to her hardships, in the last five years she has developed a physical disability and now three of her four children have also developed the same symptoms in the past two years. The home we are building for the family will provide three rooms and easier access for a wheelchair which we will be purchasing this weekend.


Our second family last year was living in their mud house when it began to collapse in a rain storm. With over half their walls collapsing, we demolished the rest of home and began building their house today. It is a brick, wood frame, and tin roof home that will be finished by tomorrow.


Our third family is a recently widowed mother who has 12 of her children and grandchildren living in her 10 feet by 10 feet mud home. We will demolish her house this weekend and start building a 20 feet by 12 feet, brick, wood, and tin home on Monday.


Our fourth and fifth families are two families that live next door to each other and have fed their neighbors and done work to support their community at the cost of their own homes. We will work on their homes at the same time early next week.

When the Trinity students have breaks, they are visiting schools passing out pencils, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to the students and their teachers.

We are so proud of you, Rocks! Keep up the amazing work!

Hear from Mr. Waggoner and watch as the Trinity students pack for their trip!

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